CHAPTER 5 -"the making of an album"

No cameras allowed…wah wah waaaaaah.

Recording Day 1

Dave Cobb (whom we shall refer to as "Davecobb," so as to avoid confusion as to which Dave we are talking about) doesn't allow any filming in the studio. He says that people aren't themselves when they're on camera, and I get it. Part of the magic of being in the studio is the fact that this is a sacred place, the making of an album being a very private experience that shouldn't be corrupted by the filth of modern technology. 

It just kind of threw a wrench in our whole plant to film the "Making Of the Album." The very first day, my friend Dave started to pull out his camera and  ask Davecobb, "Dave, would it be alright if I…." He didn't even have a chance to finish his question.

"Hey man you're not filming this, are you?" Davecobb always wears the same thing in the studio. Blue jeans, boots, blue jean jacket. He's a no nonsense kind of guy. We knew he wasn't asking a question, he was making a statement. Dave fumbled for an explanation, telling how we were just gonna get a few shots for my Story&Song project.

"Yeah I don't like any cameras in the studio, man." Davecobb also sits in his producer chair with his hands behind his head and his legs crossed. He has a very commanding presence in the studio, especially because there are so many platinum records and #1 awards hanging over his head. Again, the camera thing wasn't up for discussion. 

However, my friend Dave is also a bad ass. He wasn't able to get much, but a couple of times when Davecobb wasn't looking, he managed to get a few short clips with his IPhone. Thank God Davecobb didn't catch him or he probably would have thrown us both been out of the studio. I, of course, had NOTHING to do with these shenanigans...but seeing as how his subtle breaking of the rules didn't affect the outcome of the recordings, I figured it couldn't hurt to share a few videos with my fans... 

Dave managed to sneak this recording of Leroy Powell nailing his electric guitar parts on "Be With You" from inside the control room. That's me and the rest of the band there through the windows in the big room, including Davecobb on acoustic guitar. The whole record went down LIVE, just like this!